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Hey Hey Everyone!! As you know, We're quickly approaching the Holiday Season :) I, myself, don't typically start listening to Christmas music or do any Christmas decorating until the evening of Thanksgiving... (It seems a bit crazy for there to be Holiday stuff in all the stores already!) BUT- I'm SOOO excited to share that my BRAND NEW Single, "I BELIEVE" is now available on iTunes! It's a super fun, whimsical song about believing in the Jolly Big Guy in the Red Suit! That's right- I'm talkin about Santa Claus!

PS- If you look on the left side of the page, you will see a picture of a Children's book also called "I Believe" ... The song has been published and illustrated as a Children's Book! If you buy the book- a free download of the song comes with it! It's a great gift for all ages! I hope this song brings you as much Christmas Cheer as it brings to me!! And, since this is my favorite time of year, you know I've started a countdown- Only 54 Days Til CHRISTMAS! :) xo kp ♥

Voted New Music Weekly's 2013 Breakthrough Artist of the Year!

Kelly Parkes has got an adventurous streak, a passionate determination and a take-no-prisoners attitude. You can feel it in the edgy quality of her music, and you can hear it in the commanding resonance of her voice, a powerhouse set of pipes that matches the from-the-gut strength of Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert and Martina McBride.

During her off hours, she worked on her singing and songwriting and started to build connections in the Nashville community. It was during that time she met Mike Borchetta and his wife, Martha. They immediately liked Kelly and within twenty-four hours of their meeting, she had signed her first record deal.

Since signing with Edge Records, Kelly hasn’t looked back. Her single, “Don’t Make Me” was #1 on the NMW Country Main Chart and #1 on the NMW Country Top 30 Indie Chart, reached #30 on Music Row Chart, & #44 on the Billboard Indicator. Kelly was also nominated for New Music Weekly’s 2012 “Female Artist of the Year,” “New Artist of the Year,” and “Breakthrough Artist of the Year.” She ended up taking home the award for "Breakthrough Artist of the Year." In May 2012, Kelly shot her first music video for her new single, “All Cried Out.” The Following year, Kelly was again nominated in 2 of New Music Weekly's Award Categories: Breakthrough Artist of the Year & Female Artist of the Year. She was victorious in bring home the 2013 Breakthrough Artist of the Year.

These days, Kelly spends her time performing and making friends at country radio. She never slows down, but then, she knows what she wants and the work it takes to get there.